My name is Evgeny Kuzmenko, I am an amateur photographer based on Sakhalin Island, East of Russia. 
Я в интерьере - на склонах Мицульского хребта
Photography is my hobby since 2005, when I purchased my first DSLR. Now, I spend most of my free time for this hobby. 
Initially, my interest was landscape photograpy exclusively. Later I also became interested in macro and avian photography and try to develop my skills in these genres. 
I participated in two big exhibitions ("Sakhalin by Sakhalin people" and "People of the islands") and in some minor ones; my work is regularily printed in local publications; I take active role in local events related to photography. 
Most of photos posted on the site are available for printing in perfect quality. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding using my photos or any other questions - feel free to contact me by e-mail sakhscape(at)gmail.com. Please remember that any use of photos or other materials posted on the site without my prior consent is prohibited. 
Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Please stay connected:
Evgeny Kuzmenko.